About us

Welcome to THE 5XL Nutrition

The 5xl Nutrition is a supplement manufacturing company, highly focused on producing genuine products for their customers. Based in India, 'The 5XL Nutrition' company was established back in 2019. Founders of this genuine brand is an athlete himself, Mr. Shourya Rao, former professional weightlifting champion.

 Health expert helping the brand with formulations & quality is Mr. Kuldeep Singh Yadav, a very renowned master trainer of the bests in the industry and is a record holding powerlifter & international bodybuilder, pursuing PhD. in sports sciences. 

 In the words of the founders themselves, they say that owners of most of the companies & brands are individuals who never participated in any sport & neither they understand the sentiments of a sportsman or athlete, all they care is about how much profit they can make with 4 certain low quality tricks & manipulations.